Hi, I’m Jamie!

Once upon a time, I was stuck in the daily 9-5, but I found a way out — a side hustle business that I built while still working my day job. With some hard work and dedication, I created something that allowed me to break free.

That was more than a decade ago. I’ve since created multiple streams of income and help other people to do the same thing. I look forward to helping you too!

Let’s leverage your time with passive income, multiple income streams and side hustles.

Jamie Lee, Multipreneur

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Are You Meant to Be a Life Coach?

Looking to become a life coach but unsure if it’s the right career path for you? Check out our blog post “Are You Meant to Be a Life Coach?” for insights into essential skills, necessary training, and inspiring success stories. This post explores what life coaching entails and how you can determine if it’s the right profession for you.
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Create Passive Income as a Life Coach

Create passive income as a life coach by leveraging your expertise and diversifying your services. Our blog post outlines tips and strategies for expanding your business beyond one-on-one sessions and generating passive income for a sustainable and profitable coaching business.