30+ Ways to Make Money Selling Stuff You Already Own

Are you looking for ways to make extra money? Have you considered selling the items that you already own? In this blog post, discover over 30 ideas on how to make money by selling stuff you already own. Buyers are out there, and we’ll show you exactly what items to sell and where to find them.

Selling stuff you already own is an easy and effective way to make money fast. It can also be a great way to declutter your home and get rid of stuff that’s no longer useful.

In this post, we will explore 30+ ways to make money by selling stuff you already own. From researching what items are in demand and setting competitive prices, to leveraging online marketplaces or virtual garage sales – there are plenty of options available for generating cash from the comfort of your own home by selling stuff you already own.

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Ready to start making money? Read on for 30+ ideas and strategies for taking advantage of things you already have lying around.

Tips for Selling Your Stuff

When it comes to selling unwanted stuff in order to make money, it’s important to do your research for what items are in demand and set competitive prices.

1. Research what items are in demand

Doing a little bit of research before selling your stuff will help you determine which of your possessions might have greater value or be enjoyed by a larger market.

Sites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace can be great resources for your research.

Also, tools like Google Trends and Twitter trending topics can help you identify popular items, events, or trends that might be worth investing in. These tools can also help you determine the right timing for selling your stuff.

2. Set competitive prices

Once you’ve determined which items are most desirable, it’s time to set competitive prices for them. Take the time to look up the price at which similar items have sold. That way, you can make sure that your pricing is fair and competitive.

Also, be sure to factor in the cost of shipping when setting your prices. If a buyer will have to pay for shipping, you should include that cost in your overall price.

The best ways to sell your stuff

Now that you know what you want to sell and what you want to sell it for, you can move onto where you will sell it. The first decision is if you will sell it online or in-person. To make this decision you’ll want to think about shipping costs and how to reach the best audience for the item you’re selling.

1. Local garage and yard sales

Garage sales are an easy way to get rid of unwanted items without having to ship them out. You can set one up in a matter of days. There are a few things to consider when having a garage sale that could determine whether your day is a success, or a bust. So read our post – How to Have a Successful Garage Sale Any Time of Year.

2. Online marketplaces

Another great way to sell stuff you already own. Sites like eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, Decluttr, PoshMark, ThredUp, and Etsy provide a platform for buyers and sellers to come together in the digital realm.

On these sites, you can set up an account where you can list your items for sale, take pictures of them and provide descriptions. You can also easily set up payment methods so that buyers can purchase your items online.

3. Consignment Shops

If you have designer clothes or vintage pieces in like-new condition, consignment shops are a great place to make money on these items. These stores accept items from individuals and then resell them for profit.

When you bring your items to the store, they will take a portion of each sale as their commission. However, consignment shops often have higher standards so be sure to research them before bringing in your items.

4. Social media platforms

Facebook Marketplace and Instagram are two great platforms for selling your stuff. On both of these sites, you can take pictures and post descriptions of the items you are selling.

You can also use hashtags to reach a wider audience, or even join virtual garage sale groups for additional exposure.

30+ Ideas for What You Can Sell that you already own

There are lots of things you can sell that you already own. But sometimes it can be overwhelming considering all of the possibilities. So here are 30 ideas of what you can sell that you already own, just to get you started.

  1. Old clothes and shoes
  2. Books and magazines
  3. Electronics such as tablets, phones, computers, or gaming consoles
  4. Home decor
  5. Furniture
  6. Appliances
  7. Jewelry
  8. Artwork or paintings
  9. Music instruments or equipment
  10. Sporting goods and exercise equipment
  11. Collectibles (e.g., coins, stamps, military items)
  12. Tools and machinery
  13. Antiques and vintage items
  14. Vehicles (cars, motorcycles, boats)
  15. Toys and games
  16. Video games and game consoles
  17. Kitchenware (e.g., plates, utensils)
  18. Baby items such as clothes, strollers, cribs
  19. Handmade crafts such as jewelry or artworks
  20. Bicycles
  21. Office supplies (e.g., desks, chairs)
  22. Garden tools
  23. Building materials (e.g., lumber)
  24. Cardboard boxes
  25. Musical albums or DVDs
  26. Unused gift cards
  27. Home health care supplies
  28. Cell phones
  29. Used car parts
  30. Camping gear
  31. Digital cameras
  32. Camera lenses
  33. Designer handbags
  34. Luxury watches
  35. Musical instruments

Get started selling stuff you already own

Selling your stuff can be a great way to make some extra money and clear out clutter from your home. There are lots of different ways you can go about it, whether that’s through local garage or yard sales, online marketplaces, consignment shops, social media platforms or something else entirely.

To get started, consider what items you have in good condition that could potentially fetch a decent price on the open market.

With proper research and effort into pricing competitively and marketing effectively, selling your stuff doesn’t have to be so hard!

Where is your favorite place to sell online? If we didn’t list it – share it below!

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