The best garage sale tips: How to have a successful garage sale any time of year

Struggling to make money with your garage sale? Check out this guide for the best tips and tricks to have a profitable garage sale, from choosing the right location to organizing multi-family sales. Learn how you can double your profits and make the most of your unwanted items!

These garage sale tips just might be the difference between a successful sale and leaving money on the table.

Hold a successful garage sale and make the most money from your unwanted items! It takes effort and preparation, but it’s well worth it – last year our family made nearly $900 just by holding a garage sale.

In this guide, we’ll share our secrets for success, from choosing the perfect location to pricing items fairly and promoting your event. So get ready – with the right know-how, you too could have a profitable garage sale!

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Promote your garage sale

Promotion is key when it comes to holding a successful sale – use social media to your advantage and advertise what items will be available. Showcase photos of what you have for sale, or simply list the categories so people can make a pre-sale checklist.

Place signs around your neighborhood to help promote your sale. But be sure to check with local law enforcement first, just to ensure your precious signs won’t be taken down (trust me, I’ve had it happen).

Organize Multi-Family Sales

Multi-family garage sales are always a great idea! You’ll be able to draw in much larger crowds this way, and can even offer to sell items for friends or family who aren’t present.

Just make sure to keep track of what is sold so you can split the profits later. We just use a notebook and keep a running ledger for each person’s name.

When to have a garage sale

Planning out your garage sale just right can make or break you. For those who love great deals, Thursday is the new Friday. More people show up to sales on Thursday than any other day of the week. Sundays, however, are typically slow days for sales. So it might be better to invest your efforts another day when the crowds are larger.

Here are some more tips for a successful garage sale:

  • Have a wide variety of items available. People like to have choices, so mix it up! If you don’t have a variety then consider having a sale with someone who has a different mix of items than you do.
  • Be willing to negotiate prices. Don’t be afraid to accept less than what you originally asked for. It’s better to get something than nothing at all!
  • Make sure you’re well-stocked on change. Keep plenty of smaller bills and coins on hand in case customers want to pay with cash. My family and I usually wear these handy aprons – that way we can make a sale on the spot.
  • Consider adding discounts or special deals for your second day! You can advertise this on your social media and word of mouth.
  • Make sure the area is clean, tidy, and organized – nobody likes rummaging through a pile of junk!
  • Consider setting everything up by type or category. That way shoppers can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.
  • Finally, remember to have fun! You don’t need to take things too seriously. Just enjoy the experience and take in some extra money while doing it!
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